About the Patient Participation Group


What is the PPG?

A Patient Participation Group is a group of people who are patients of the surgery and want it to work as well as it can for the patients, doctors and staff. With the support of a practice representative, they meet at regular intervals with the aim of identifying and responding to the needs of the practice population, launching new projects and NHS initiatives. The PPG can also provide practical support in the surgery and help improve communication.

Why should I join?

Your opinion and experience really matter to us and your ideas can help shape how we treat our patients and improve on what we do. We consider the views of our PPG members important and whilst we may not be able to act on every suggestion, all proposals are valued. A background in healthcare is not essential, and indeed no formal training is required, we just need positivity, enthusiasm, and a focus to help the practice and our patient population. We welcome new members from any community, group, gender, age and ethnicity. 

Photo of a patient group meeting

How much time do I have to commit?

We understand that life can be very busy. Our PPG meetings are scheduled just 4 times a year. These are held at either the Willow or Christchurch practice. 

What kind of projects do the PPG work on?

Our PPG members have previously worked on fund raising efforts, helped at flu clinics and implemented improvements for incontinence waste within the patient toilets.