Period Delay Medication

Patient Advice On Medication For ‘Period Delay’

The term ‘period’ refers to a specific part of the menstrual cycle, where bleeding occurs. There can be situations where someone may wish to delay their period, for example for a holiday or special event. A delay to the commencement of someone’s period may be achieved using medication. Two common examples of medications that are used for period delay are norethisterone tablets and medroxyprogesterone tablets.

Downend Health Group recognises that this will be an important enquiry for many individual patients, however we are unable to provide advice, or prescribe medication, for the purposes of period delay, where this is required for events such as a holiday.

A number of other healthcare organisations do offer such a service. Although Downend Health Group do not endorse any particular provider, examples of period delay services which are offered by other accredited healthcare organisations are provided below:

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