NHS Services For Military Veterans

  • Are you a Veteran?
  • Are you an ex-member of the UK Armed Forces?
  • Did you do National Service?

A Veteran is someone that has served for at least one day in the UK Armed Forces (regular or reserve T/A), including as part of the National Service. Merchant Navy seafarers, and fishermen who served in a vessel that was part of military operations are also classed as Veterans. 
When service men and women leave the Armed Forces, their healthcare becomes the responsibility of the NHS. 

New Patients

If you would like to register with us, it is important that you tell us you have served.  You are under no obligation to declare yourself as a Veteran however, we can offer you the best possible healthcare if we are aware of your status.  When you leave the Services, you will be given a personal copy of your summary medical record. Please submit this with your registration forms so we can add the summary to your medical records. We will also add a code to your medical records to ensure you receive a prompt response to your needs. This does not give you priority over someone with a higher clinical need, however we may be able to refer you to certain tailored services.

Existing Patients

Please speak to a member of our Patient Assistant Team if you would like to know if your records have been coded.  We can update your status as a Military Veteran at any time, all we need is notification from you that you have served for at least one day in the UK Armed Forces.  

Operation Courage

This is a mental health specialist service designed to help serving personnel due to leave the military, reservists, armed forces veterans and their families. 
The team at Operation Courage is either from the armed forces community or is experienced in working with those from the armed forces community. They understand military life and the courage it takes to speak with someone. They will work with you to make sure you get the right type of specialist care, support and treatment. It doesn’t matter how long ago you left the armed forces; you can contact Operation Courage at any time. You can contact this service by:

  • Directly getting in touch yourself, or through a family member or friend
  • Asking a GP to refer you
  • Asking a charity to refer you

Find further information on mental health support on the NHS Website

Veterans Gateway

The Veterans Gateway provides 24/7 help for housing, mental wellbeing, finances and more. You can contact the team by phone, chat, text and email. The team can refer directly to other support partners. 

Veterans and Reserves Mental Health Programme

This is a Ministry Of Defence (MoD) specialist service that provides mental health assessments and treatment advice for veterans and reservists. It works closely with the NHS and DMS to provide appropriate treatment. You can only usually access this service if a GP refers you to it. Ask your doctor about a referral if you feel your time serving in the armed forces has affected your mental health.

Details on this programme can be found on the government website

Combat Stress

If you need to talk somebody, Combat Stress have a dedicated mental health support helpline for veterans and their families. This provides confidential advice and support and is free to call for veterans, family members and carers. This helpline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Please call 0800 138 1619


HeadFit for Life is a mental fitness tool designed specifically for the armed forces community. It provides access to self help tools that can improve your mood, drive and confidence, and help to manage the stress of everyday life. 


Togetherall is a mental health support service that provides:

  • Anonymous, round the clock, online support with trained counsellors
  • A supportive community, including forums for safe conversation
  • Free resources to help you improve your mental health 

Support for Disabled Veterans

There are many different NHS, MoD and charity services that provide support and treatment to veterans with disabilities. If you lost a limb during your service, Disablement Service Centres (DSCs) can offer you specialist prosthetic and rehabilitation support. Please speak with a GP if you would like more information on this service. 

If you need to apply for funding for a high-quality prosthetic limb, the Disablement Service Centres can apply to the Veterans’s prosthetic Panel (VPP) on your behalf. 


Blesma offer advice and support to veterans who lost a limb, the use of a limb, an eye or the use of sight during military service. They work closely with NHS and MoD services for disabled veterans and can refer you to useful services. They also offer advice on financial benefits and support as well as helping you find appropriate community groups.

Further information can be found on the BLESMA website

Blind Veterans UK

This organisation aids veterans with sight loss. They can provide a range of support, including rehabilitation services, practical advice and emotional support.

Further information can be found on the Blind Veterans UK website                                                                                                                                                                                                     

ABF The Soldier’s Charity 

The Soldier’s Charity offer financial support and funding to Army veterans and their families or carers.

Further information can be found on the ABF Soldier's Charity website

Sexual Assault Support

If you have been sexually assaulted while in the armed forces or as a veteran, there are NHS services and charities who can give you help and advice. This includes services and charities dedicated to helping you with any healthcare and welfare concerns. 

Further information can be found on the Forward Assist website

Afghan Veterans

There is a specific mental health service open to Afghans in England who supported the British Armed Forces between October 2001 and August 2021.

Patients can self-refer via the Veterans Metnal Health Services website