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Home Visits

Home visits are offered to those who are acutely or chronically housebound. If you should request a medical assessment at home a healthcare professional will usually phone you to assess whether visiting you at home is the most appropriate way of managing your problem, particularly in light of coronavirus related risks. 

The GP surgery premises are specially designed to enable your doctor to make the best clinical assessment of you they can. Poor lighting, beds at the wrong height and lack of access to medical instruments and tests make a home assessment second best to one in the surgery. We therefore encourage you to attend the surgery if you can and whenever you or someone you care for needs to see a healthcare professional.

If you feel it is appropriate to request a home visit, we encourage you to contact the surgery before 11.30 am on a weekday (we do not offer home visits at the weekend). Most of our capacity to undertake home visits is limited to between 12-2pm. After this time the ability to undertake home visits will be assessed by On-Call Doctor on the telephone. 

With the increasing pressures on the clinical workforce, the On-Call Doctor will decide which healthcare professional is best suited to clinically assess your needs. This may be a District Nurse, Healthcare Assistant, Emergency Care Practitioner, Practice Paramedic or GP. We are no longer able to guarantee that the Doctor of your choice will be able to assess you, but you will receive a clinically appropriate assessment that meets your healthcare needs. We now work more closely as a multi-professional team and your care will always be overseen by a responsible Doctor, 

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