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Teaching and training

Doctor and Patient

We are proud to be a teaching and training practice and are an approved GP training practice. This means that we support the training of GPs and Doctors of the future as part of our commitment to provide excellent standards of care in the community.


GP Registrars

GP Registrars are qualified Doctors who have already worked in a number of hospital departments (specialties) before entering General Practice, but who need further experience of working in General Practice, as well as passing further exams, before they are able to become members of the Royal College of General Practitioners. Each GP Registrar works at the practice for either 6 or 12 months at a time. 

Foundation Doctors

We also support the training of Foundation Doctors. These are qualified Doctors who have previously worked in local hospitals and gain valuable experience of working at a GP surgery before they decide which area of medicine they wish to specialise in. Each Foundation Doctor works at the practice for 4 months.   

Medical Students

We also teach medical students from the University of Bristol across both sites. Medical students may ask to join you in a consultation with your doctor or other health care professional or conduct supervised consultations themselves. These sessions have a really positive and long-lasting impact on our student's education.


Please feel comfortable in asking to see your health care professional in private if you prefer. 

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