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Private Services And Fees

Laptop and Paperwork

We are often asked to write letters, complete and sign medical forms or supply medical information to third parties. This work is not covered by the NHS contract and classed as private work. Our GP's complete this in their own time and charge for providing this service. Details of our fees can be found through the link below. These charges are in line with current BMA fee guidelines.


If you have a request like this, then please hand in any forms/letter at reception. Please do not make an appointment to have this paperwork completed as the doctor will be unable to do so during normal surgery.

Examples of chargeable non-NHS forms/letters:

  • Private medical insurance claims

  • Holiday cancellation claim forms

  • Referral for private care forms

  • Special activities forms, ie Parachute jumps, diving, marathons 

  • Pre-employment forms

  • Medical clearance to work abroad

  • Fostering, adoption or childcare applications

  • University/school exam extenuating circumstances

  • Fitness to fly/Travelling with medication

  • Blue badge application

  • Housing

  • Home Office - registration details

  • Confirmation of medical conditions

  • Court Appearance


These requests are completed at the discretion of the practice. In order to complete or just sign even the simplest of forms the doctor may have to check a patient's entire medical record and accept responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided.


We will inform you of the cost of the service before completion. We hope you will appreciate NHS consultations with unwell patients must take priority over non-NHS work.


Due to NHS service pressures the practice aims to complete any private requests within 60 days of receipt of payment. However, please note there may be a delay when there is a high number of requests or a doctor is absent from the practice.

Our patient advisors can provide you with any further information if required.

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