About Us

Your Patient Assistant (PA) Team

We are usually your first point of contact with the surgery either through the reception desk or on the phone. We are looking forward to helping you and thank you for your patience whilst we are supporting other members of our community.

The team of 21 is lead by Andrea.

Patient Experience Lead

Nicola Davis is your patient experience lead. Nicola may contact you for extra support, to find out where your experience was positive, but also where you felt the practice could do better.

Medical Records and Secretarial Team

The team is lead by Karen and are involved in looking after your records, creating, sending and receiving details about your referrals and ensuring all healthcare professionals have the information they need.

Medicines Management Team

The team, lead by Karma, is responsible for making sure all your requests for prescriptions are met in a timely way and that information relating to prescriptions from clinic attendances and admissions are up-to-date and accurate.

Clinical Rota Manager


Human Resources  Lead


Facilities Lead


IT Lead


GDPR and Insurance Lead​


Junior Clerk