About Us

Your Patient Advisors

We are usually your first point of contact with the practice. We aim to support you at every stage of your contact with us.

Our specialist roles vary within the team and we are working hard both at the front desk but also behind the scenes to try and make your experience as smooth and trouble-free as possible. 

Some of these specialist roles include coordinating your newborn and maternal health checks, insurance requests, immunisation booking, travel vaccinations to name a few.

Please bear with us when we are busy but rest assured you will have our full attention we are attending to you.

Lynn Plummer

Hayley Gilbert

Anna Ambler

Sarah Simmons

Elizabeth Silcocks

Helen Cleverly

Resha Waghorn

Andrea Mountain

Patient Advisor Manager

Sally Slocombe

Lisa Scott

Julie Wellington

Amy Perrett

Jill White

Bev Ackerman

Patient Experince Lead

I may be asked to call you for extra support, to find out where your experience was positive but also where you felt the practice could do better. I will always try an resolve your questions to your satisfaction.

Nicola Davis

Your Administration Team

We look after all your records, create, send and receive details about your referrals and ensure that your health professionals have all the information they need from other health care providers.

Beverley Reeves

Asha Hobbs

Sandra Jillard

Tina Goss

Karen Scott

Administration Team Lead

Jacqui Amos

Sarah Withey

Zena Hayward

Linda Jeffries

Your Medicines Management Team

Alongside our role as Patient advisors, we work to make sure all your requests for prescription are met in a timely way. We ensure that any information relating to changes in your medication are brought to the attention of your healthcare team and that your records are up to date. 

Karma Hughes

Nic Griffin

Debra Parker

Georgia Reeves

IT Supervisor

Jamie Tucker

Service Quality Leads

Nicki Jakeways

Elaine Hinton

Clinical Rota Manager

Jane Pring

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