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Improving Access

We are proud to be working together with other local practices to offer more appointments in the early mornings, evenings or at weekends. You can speak to a member of the practice team to find out more.

Weekend Surgery

The Christchurch site has been offering a 7 day service since May 2017. As part of the NHS Improved Access initiative we offer a limited number of appointments on both Saturday and Sunday mornings.


These appointments are for urgent healthcare needs however a few are pre-bookable online 24 hours before hand. 

Our phone systems do not operate at the weekend and therefore if you need an urgent (immediately necessary) appointment then we advise you come to the surgery as early as possible. We open at 08.30 hours at the weekend. 

To support the resilience and wellbeing of the team providing you this service, in addition to their weekday commitment, once these appointments have been filled we will guide you to contact NHS111.


By offering these urgent healthcare appointments we hope to support the pressure on the wider healthcare system including the Out of Hours Service and A&E.


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