About Us

Your Health Care Professionals
We work together as a team to support your healthcare needs

We have Phlebotomists, Care Coordinators, Healthcare Assistants and Registered Nurses.

Anna Byrne-Young is our Scheduled Care Manager and Registered Nurse

We have four Practice Paramedics lead by Martin Davis, our Urgent Care Lead and Paramedic.

We have four Clinical Pharmacists, lead by Priyesh Shah, a Clinical Pharmacist and Practice Partner.

We have 13 Salaried GPs and 9 GP Partners. The Practice Partners are; Dr Roger Green MBE, Dr Diana Foster, Dr Emily Howse, Dr Sheng Tan, Dr Javier Montero, Dr Chris Lear, Dr Caroline Chebsey, Dr Victoria Photiou, Dr Tharsha Sivayokan.