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Fitness to work certificates

You only need a fitness-for-work certificate if you are ill and are unable to work for seven calendar days or longer. Your employer will provide you with an SC2 self- certificate form for shorter periods of illness or alternatively click here to download the SC2 form. To claim Incapacity Benefit you can download the SC1 form by clicking here.


If your employer insists on a certificate within the first seven days, your doctor may issue a private sickness certificate for which there will be a charge.

Your doctor is only able to issue a certificate if they are, themselves, able to ascertain that you have been ill or if they have appropriate documentary evidence from another health professional of your incapacity. Without such evidence of incapacity they will be unable to issue any form of Fitness-for- work certification.

If you have already seen a health professional you may not need to book a GP appointment, please contact our Patient Advisors who will advise you as to whether an appointment is required.

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