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We offer a range of appointment types with different healthcare professionals. This includes Practice Paramedics, Clinical Pharmacists, Community Pharmacists, Practice Nurses, Healthcare Assistants, as well as GPs. Requests for an appointment will be not always be with a GP. Our team will manage your appointment requests quickly and efficiently so that you are navigated to the most appropriate clinician who can advise you on your healthcare needs. 


We deliver appointments face to face or by telephone. Please note if you book a telephone appointment, our Clinicians will make two separate attempts to call you. If they are unable to make contact and you still need us, you will need to call back. 

Types of appointment: 

  • Our Nurse Practitioner or Practice Paramedic can help with minor illness/minor injuries. For example sore throats, chest infections and urinary infections.


  • Community Pharmacists are highly skilled clinicians who can counsel you on a range of minor illness concerns either by phone or in person from a pharmacy of your choice. Pharmacists that identify patients having more complex needs will be referred to a GP for further discussion.

  • Our Clinical Pharmacist can support you with concerns about your blood pressure, heart failure, atrial fibrillation, anticoagulation, learning disabilities health checks, dementia health checks as well as complex medication concerns. 

  •  Our Doctors are available to you for complex health problems.

  • If you wish to discuss your issues with a specific doctor, our Patient Assistants are happy to advise you of your Doctor’s availability





Booking An Appointment By Phone: 

Our Patient Assistants are trained to ask key questions in order to navigate your concern to the correct clinician, to ensure you receive the most appropriate medical care at the right appointment type. Please be assured that they are not being 'nosey', any information you provide is treated with the utmost confidentiality and every staff member employed by the practice is bound by strict confidentiality rules. However, we fully respect any patient who may decline to provide additional information if you feel your health concern is too private or difficult to talk about.  

Working within our current staffing capacity, we are doing our best to ensure that you have access to additional appointments outside of core hours.  As a result, you may be offered an early morning or evening appointment. 

A large proportion of appointment requests are made via the phone lines. The practice receives around 400 calls per day and during busy periods we appreciate that it may take a little while to get through to us. A number of our patients have expressed their frustration that waiting in the queue system for a significant amount of time incurs additional mobile phone costs. 

We have listened to our patients and as a result have reduced the number of telephone lines, enabling a maximum of 12 calls within the queueing system at any one time. We hope this measure will minimise the waiting time. Please be assured that our Patient Assistants are aware of the number of calls in the queue and are answering the telephones as quickly as possible.  Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Booking An Appointment Online Or Via The NHS App

The NHS App provides you with the flexibility to go online any time of day or night to make an appointment. 

The App is free and can be downloaded from the App store or Google play. 

You can use this service to book and manage a selection of nursing appointments as hi-lighted below. We ask that you only book into these appointments if a Healthcare Professional has requested you do so. If a Healthcare Professional has not authorised a test in advance, you may be turned away.

  • Smear appointments

       Please only book a smear appointment if you have received a letter inviting you to attend

  • Vitamin B12 Injections

  • Blood tests

  • Blood pressure check

You can also use the NHS App to:


  • Order repeat prescriptions

       This service is not available if you are requesting new medication

  • Source health information and advice

  • View your medical record securely

  • View your NHS number


To continue to protect vulnerable patients and staff, we kindly request that you wear a face mask when you  attend the surgery

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